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Website Design

Getting traffic to your website is only half the battle. Your website has to look good AND work hard at the same time. Your website needs to be an extension of not only your brand, but also your mission, vision and values that your company adheres to.

All of our websites are designed to be 100% responsive so they will work across all devices and screen sizes.

Search Engine Optimization

Google has over 1,000 ranking factors that it includes in the rankings for a single keyword. Let our SEO specialists help navigate these complicated waters for you and start driving more organic traffic to your website. Over the years, we have determined that organic visitors to your website convert up to 5x better than customers that make it there through other channels.

We would be happy to do an initial SEO audit of your website if you are interested in learning more.

PPC & Display

Some businesses operate in highly competitive search spaces. In those instances, we highly recommend Paid Search, Display and Re-targeting. With a sniper like approach, we drill in to the highest converting keywords that can help drive more sales/leads for you. Trust us, we know how frustrating it can be seeing your competitors at the top of the search results.

We can work with many different levels of budgets and strategies. Let us take a look at your current situation to see how we can help.

Social Media

Your customers are on social media, so you should be as well. Each year, the number of people that consult social media before buying a product goes up. This is a great avenue for you to expand your brand presence and gather crucial intelligence about your customers and products.

Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Instagram, etc. our Social Media strategists can help identify where your customers are and how to reach them.


Website Audits

There are core pieces of your website that help make up the foundation of all your digital marketing efforts. From server errors to broken links, to meta data, to page load speed, each issue can lead to critical down time and a bad user experience for your customers. Our team of experts can conduct an in-depth website audit that will identify these potential areas of concern.

Audits are typically completed in less than 2 weeks, so contact us today and we can get started!

Analytics & Attribution

What separates Seismic from other agencies is our ability to track where your users are coming from and how we then leverage that data to target more smartly moving forward. This data is critical and often overlooked. We help our clients utilize this data to build out strategic marketing plans that put spend toward channels that will convert at higher rates.

Shoot us an email if you are interested in learning more about these services.

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