January 17, 2024   |   by Josh Phillips   |   SEO Manager

Social Media Showdown: X vs. Threads vs. Reddit – Who Reigns Supreme?

Comparing X (formerly known as Twitter) with Reddit and newcomer Threads

In this blog post, Seismic Digital delves into the evolving landscape of social media, comparing the long-standing giant "X" (formerly Twitter) with the innovative contender Threads by META.

Additionally, we'll explore how Threads stands in comparison to another significant player in the social media realm, Reddit, considering the latest updates and trends shaping these platforms.

What Happened to the Big Blue Bird Twitter?

A billionaire takeover is what happened and it resulted in the death of the beloved blue bird Twitter logo. Now known as “X”, formerly called Twitter, has undergone substantial changes, including new leadership and a major rebranding.

X has been a cornerstone of social media since its inception, allowing users to share short text posts, links, images, and videos to a global audience. It still has a large user base, making it a powerful tool for brand exposure and engagement.

However, recent changes, such as the rebrand to X, lifting the ban on paid political ads, the introduction of crypto payments, and Elon Musk’s leadership have brought about mixed reactions and concerns. Several major brands and companies have recently announced their decision to stop posting and advertising on X.

These changes showcase the platform's adaptability and the exploration of new monetization avenues, although Elon Musk has promoted extreme opinions of X followers, along with his own opinions on controversial topics.

So What Should Brands Do Now?

In the wake of news involving Twitter and its owner in 2023, brands should take a thoughtful and strategic approach to managing their Twitter accounts. It may be time to reevaluate where you want your brand to communicate with the world.

We recommend taking a look at your Twitter brand voice and also how / if you should spend your money advertising with X (after all, it seems like Musk doesn’t care if you advertise there or not…).

For all social media platforms, it’s important to follow this guidance:

  • Listen closely and monitor your brand and the relevant topics users are posting about (or X-ing about).
  • Come up with a crisis communication plan if things happen to go awry on any social media.
  • Determine where your brand stands on important issues and current events, as well as if you should remain neutral on topics.
  • Adjust advertising strategies and plans to target your audience with the platforms they are interacting on and connect with them there organically as well.
  • Be authentic and learn from other brands: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Continue to seek out new social media platforms, like Threads or Reddit.

Introducing Threads by META: A Text-Centric Approach

Key differentiators include Threads' emphasis on quality discussions and thoughtful replies, creating an environment for more meaningful engagement. Threads maintains a primary focus on text-based discussions while still allowing users to share images, videos, GIFs, and links.

In contrast, Threads, developed by META, takes a novel approach by focusing on text-based content. Positioned as a platform for meaningful conversations and connections through thoughtful discussions, Threads targets a more niche audience compared to the broad user base of X.

Threads launched with enthusiasm, saw a decline in monthly active users over time, and has once again improved in monthly active users.

Quiver Quantitative Threads Tracker for estimated users on Threads

Quiver Quantitative Threads Tracker

Latest Threads Developments: Branded Content, European Expansion & GIFs

Can you Advertise on Threads?

As of January 8, 2024, profiles cannot advertise on Threads. But don’t worry, the META team is working on rolling out online tools for branded content to advertise to users on Threads. This gives brands another opportunity to incorporate influencers into their Threads content strategy.

Be on the lookout for more developments for advertising on this new platform.

Threading Across the Pond to Europe

META's commitment to Threads is evident in recent updates, such as the European rollout. As reported by BetaNews, Threads is poised to gain millions more users as META prepares for a launch in the European market.

This expansion could potentially introduce diverse perspectives and contribute to the platform's evolution.

New Multimedia on Threads

META has introduced a few new updates to Threads, as of late October 2023. META has brought GIFs and 24-hour polls to Threads to promote engagement amongst users. 

Don’t Sleep on Reddit

Another unique social media platform that brands are joining is Reddit. Amidst the social media landscape, Reddit has emerged as a formidable alternative.

The platform is known for its unique structure of communities or "subreddits" and it provides a diverse and engaged user base. Search Engine Journal highlighted Reddit's top trends and updates for advertisers, emphasizing the platform's effectiveness as an advertising medium.

Reddit's community-driven approach and diverse content ecosystems position it as a valuable alternative to X. With the ability to target specific niches through subreddit engagement, businesses can foster meaningful connections with their audience.

Considerations for Business Owners

When deciding where to establish your business presence, several factors come into play. The choice between X, Threads, or Reddit hinges on your business goals, target audience, and content strategy.

  • Threads offers a unique space for meaningful discussions within a more focused community. The European expansion of Threads adds a new dimension to the platform's potential reach, making it an opportune time for businesses looking to tap into emerging markets.
  • As an alternative, Reddit provides a distinct community-driven environment, allowing businesses to engage with specific audiences through tailored content.
  • X, with its broad reach and multimedia capabilities, remains a go-to platform for quick interactions and brand exposure.

New Year, New Social Media Strategy

Get help with your social media strategy for Threads, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Launch an improved social media strategy in 2024 with Seismic Digital’s media experts.

When deciding where to establish your business presence, several factors come into play. The choice between X, Threads, or Reddit hinges on your business goals, target audience, and content strategy.
-Josh Phillips